Helston in August....

Monday, 8th August, 2016 - By Barbara Barnes

And we are now in full visitor season – the roads are thronged with happy holiday makers and we are open on Wednesdays as well as Thursdays and Sundays for the rest of August – plus Bank Holiday Monday.

So whats new for us?  Well those of you who read the railway press will know that we have been in discussion about obtaining a small steam locomotive – we couldn’t manage a big one!  Negotiations are well underway and we are all keeping everything crossed and hoping that she will be with us hopefully sooner rather than later.  Of course those of you who are heritage railway enthusiasts will know that getting a steam locomotive is one thing – running her under steam will be a whole new ball game.  So we are also planning how to manage, drive and look after her in the manner she would expect.  All the volunteers are getting rather excited – not good for our blood pressures!  

August Bank Holiday this year again will have our Space themed week at the railway.  Why do we choose this as our theme?  Well we are all big kids and love dressing up as Darth Vader or our favourite Star Trek character.  It’s a lot of fun and we can also use it as a chance to introduce some of our younger visitors to the wonders of space.  You could argue that Space travel in the 20th Century had the same impact on our lives as the Railways did in the 19th Century – bringing innovation and impact to our lives in ways that hadn’t been imagined.  So we do have a serious link for our theme to railways – even if it is still fun to dress up!  So on the 24th 25th, 28th and 29th August we will be running our space themed days – with a carriage dedicated to space exploration.  For the children there will be a competition every day for the best costume with a free family ticket as the prize; and if adults want to get involved as well we would be tickled pink!  If you want to ignore the general silliness and just come along anyway that’s fine too – as always all are welcome……


Back to the more sensible side of our railway and work at Truthall continues.  We are still working out the drainage conundrum – need to make sure the swimming pool effect is removed once and for all – but are getting there.  The track is laid to the edge of the platform area – it still needs to be packed, straightened and made good enough to take the train – it is tangible welcome progress.  The Cornwall College team has finished the fireplace for the platelayers hut at Truthall which we are also reinstating as well as the platform area itself.  So it’s all going well.


On the visitor front – you have been stunning as always and thanks for all the kind comments you have been posting on our Facebook page.  We love hosting your visits to us as well.  We had a real fillip when Geoff and Maria brought their restored Morris 100 van in BR livery to see us a week ago – together with our DMU you could have stepped back in time to the 1960’s – stunning.


Finally - If you are members you should have got your new journals – hope you are enjoying the read and we’d love you to either purchase the draw tickets you have been sent or sell them to your friends.  GWR have been very generous is giving us our first prize of a two first class GWR return tickets – thank you. Both the journals and draw tickets are also on sale at the railway and the journals can be bought from our website shop.  Of the 5 journals that have been published, only the most recent one and two of the previous versions are still in print.  We still have copies of Spring 2007 and Autumn 2009 although stocks of the latter are running low.  So if you want one from us now is the time to buy!   


Happy holidays. 

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