October 2016

Contains photos taken in October 2016

2 Oct.  Ted looking at the finer points of the boiler 2 Oct.  All ages are interested in her - as Jack can agree 2 Oct.  William Murdoch getting the once over by the train crew 3 Oct. Tom celebrating finishing his Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award with us - congratulations
6 Oct.  William Murdoch now installed as an exhibit at Prospidnick Halt 6 Oct. Our new steam loco - portrait of a loco waiting for her debut 6 Oct.  William Murdoch - again!! 8 Oct.  James with Malcolm and new volunteer Chris giving William Murdoch her first clean
8 Oct.  Cleaning out the boiler 8 Oct. Putting in the plugs and filling with water 8 Oct. Lighting the fire 8 Oct. and raising steam for the first time.
8 Oct.  A vision of what is to come! 10 Oct.  Getting ready to leave Prospidnick 10 Oct.  A view from the cab of William Murdoch 10 Oct.  Stoking the fire
10 Oct.  Driver getting ready to go 10 Oct.  Our first steam crew - James and Malcolm 10 Oct.  Leaving Prospidnick 10 Oct. On her way to Prospidnick towed by the Diesel shunter
10  Oct.  In Trevarno bay platform 10 Oct.  At Trevarno - our two types of traction 10 Oct.  Chris Dunn and his re-enactment group make a welcome return visit 10 Oct.  A selection of military vehicles and owners came for a picnic
10 Oct.  What a lovely set of preserved vehicles 10 Oct.  Our re-enactment visitors pose for photos 13 Oct. Having a tea break - a well deserved rest 13 Oct.  The barrow crossing nears completion at Prospidnick

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