June 2016

Contains photos taken in June 2016

2 Jun.  You are never too old to play trains! 6 June.  Moving the digger to Truthall to start work 6 June.  The digger gets its own railway wheels! 6 June.  Truthall platform site being cleared
8 June.  Laying another panel of track at the Truthall end of the line 8 June.  Track panel almost complete 12 June.  Tom gets to grips with how to move a points lever 12 June.  Explaining the basic principles of shunter operation
17 Jun.  The Rice family from Constantine on their day out. 17 Jun.  Speedy with Michael after sharing a toasted teacake 17 Jun.  Crowntown framed by the Roadrailer 17 Jun.  Unloading the digger
Parc Eglos School visit - tickets are at the ready Parc Eglos School visit - rapt attention as they go over Pump House crossing Parc Eglos School visit - waiting to leave Prospidnick Parc Eglos School visit -  need to squeeze as many onto the veranda as possible
Parc Eglos School visit - inspecting the shunter's controls Parc Eglos School visit - drawing pictures of their time with us Parc Eglos School visit - all not quite ready to say goodbye! 20 Jun.  Pictures on this day taken by David Sandles.  Here is Len in our amazing shop looking out for people to buy draw tickets
20 Jun.  Behind the scenes - Les checks everything is ok 20 Jun. Daphne Sandles with Les and Clif. 20 Jun. Les and Barbara happy to be on duty. 23 Jun.  The train departs Truthall Summit to return to Prospidnick
23 Jun.  Volunteers working at Truthall have a break for lunch 23 Jun. The brake van passengers get a good view of the work being done at Truthall 23 Jun.  Photos taken on this day by George Bryant - here work at the Truthall site 23 Jun.  Doing a bit of track laying on a sunny day
23 Jun. The digger takes a rest 26 Jun. James with Matthew and Lou - he chattered all through the journey - so excited. 28 Jun.  Getting close to the site of Truthall platform 28 Jun.  Moving the rail across into the chairs
28 Jun.  Only 30 metres to go to reach the end of the platform at Truthall

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