July 2016

Contains photos taken in July 2016

6 July.  A memorial service for Bill Rosewall - ex steam driver on the Helston Railway 10 Jul.  Darren, Maxwell and Zachary back for a return visit 18 July.  Cornwall College Skills Group re pointing the over bridge near Pump House 18 July.  Cornwall College helping to build Truthall Platform
18 July.  Cornwall College skills group on a weeks work placement doing their safety briefing tests 18 July.  Cornwall College on Project 1 - building a sump for water run off at Truthall 19 July Cornwall College Skills Group on Project 2 - pointing the over bridge between Pump House and Truthall 19 July.  Track crew in sweltering weather laying track at Truthall
19 July.  Cornwall College and project 2  - well underway 19 July.  Project leader Ray in discussion about the fencing options at Truthall 19 July.  Cornwall College Project 2 - pointing is never-ending 19 July.  Getting ready to lay more track at Truthall
20 Jul Cornwall College - Project 3 building plate layers hut chimney 20 July.  They found the original footings of the hut and are using recycled bricks 20 July.  Project 3 coming along nicely 20 July.  Project 3 brickwork is superb
21 July.  Cornwall College Project 1 - the sump at the platform is almost complete 21 July.  Project 1 has some nifty and very level brickwork! 21 July.  Taking a well earned lunch break 21 July.  Meanwhile our track crew have reached the site of Truthall Halt and built a ramp for the roadrailer
21 July.  The track will need some packing and fettling - but its good to have reached Truthall platform site 21 July.  Taken from Truthall Bridge, with Truthall platform site on the right with the new track.

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