August 2017

Contains photos taken in August 2017

10 Aug.  Putting in the final platform edging slabs at Truthall Halt 10 Aug.  The Pagoda site retaining wall at Truthall Halt 10 Aug.  Truthall Halt from the road - with Mitchells lorry who supplied the concrete for us. 10 Aug.  Beginning the building of the steps to access Truthall Halt safely.
10 Aug.  The site for the Truthall Halt Pagoda is almost finished 10 Aug.  The pathway down to the platform ready for its makeover 15 Aug.  A fruit van that used to operate on the branch line is donated to us 15 Aug.  CVC delivers the Fruit Van to the railway
15 Aug.  supervising the removal of the Fruit Van from a local farm 15 Aug.  The reconditioned William Murdoch superstructure returns to Trevarno 16 Aug.  Robert, Alice,  Julian and Vivienne enjoying their meal in the buffet 19 Aug.  Volunteers trip to GWR depot at Long Rock Penzance
27 Aug.  Junior Training Day - learning how to prep the shunter.

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